Nina Dungey

My Career in Complementary Therapies started in 1992 when I was reconsidering what I wanted to do with my life.   I haven’t stopped learning since then, lots of body therapies alongside Healing and my own Personal Development.   And, that’s the tip of the iceberg! My work is really all about empowering people and helping them improve their lives – so that may be on a physical level through body therapies, or a spiritual and energetic level through Healing and Personal Development.  And, now on-line programmes.

I have always been an outdoors person and as a child would do the finding animal bones and collecting feathers and all sorts of bits and pieces. This must have been the early connection to shamanic energies.  Alongside feeling I could communicate with the animals and birds around me.  I have a great affinity for animals and although down to one dog at the moment, I have shared my life with horses, dogs, cats and birds.

In 2011 when I was packing up from a dog agility show I had a life changing accident – a split-second fall, resulted in virtually breaking everything that held my leg on at the knee. Major constructive surgery meant a personal journey to return to walking and working.  This has been a huge insight to myself and how this can help others.



During my recovery I received personal perspectives on how much the mind places a part both in healing and mind-set for creating positivity and drive for change.  One day I woke to find the link I had already found with Archangel Metraton had led me to receive direct healing of a magnitude of the only way to describe is of crystalline attunements to my chakras over 7-days.

From this I found a new pathway of being able to help others.  I found I was destined to be able to share my knowledge, personal and professional experience with what will be a worldwide audience via on-line programmes.

This was the start of Inner Spiritual Warrior.


Teaching & Coaching

I consider teaching should have an element of fun alongside the “serious stuff”.  I have now been teaching Therapists and clients key elements of healing, energy techniques and ways of working.

I have an apptitude to translate the Spiritual to the Everyday language to enable more poeple to make sense of their lives.

With Energy courses I draw in all sorts of personal experience – from Meditation, Breathwork, Competing, Performing. Teaching, Teaching Dance and movement – all our life experiences add up to who we are.

In 2016 I won the prestigious Inspiration Award from Holistic Therapist Magazine who wanted to recognise my achievements of getting back to helping others.  This was the vital last key to spur me on to getting my knowledge out there – and yes there is a book in the wings as well!

I look forward to being able to help you on your Personal Journey.


In Love, Light and Sparkle, Nina