Keep Your Anchor in the Storm

OK so there is an awful lot going on in the world right now.  

Between the atrocities, politics and the powerful Full Moon. 

It can feel like you are being tossed around in a storm.  And, certainly locally the weather is reflecting that energy.

We are being “told” what to do.  We are being placed in a position of “fear” of what we can or can’t do, what may or may not happen.

However, like all storms, this will pass.

We WILL see sunshine.

We WILL be able to create a better path.

We WILL each be able to make a difference.

So, my advice right now is…

Stay true to your passion and following.  Keep your energy expanded and not allowing yourself to be swayed by others opinions.

Keep yourself linked to your path.  Connect with where and what you want to create and form an unbreakable thread to that.  See that thread ever strengthening. 

Meanwhile, anchor yourself to this point in time.  There may be an element of just be-ing at the moment, of treading water, of staying in one spot.

Just be content to be where you are right now and ride out the waves and then be ready…

Be ready to forge forwards once the storm has passed.

In Love, Light and Sparkle, Nina xx

About Nina Dungey

Healer, Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Earth Mother, Writer and Mentor.  Here to share knowledge and help people on their path. for Therapies & Training. for online spiritual insights and meditation programmes.