10 Tips to keep yourself together this Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of year when you have been rushing around looking after everyone else, in order that you can overindulge on one day (or more), spend a fortune, and then collapse in a heap. Only to once again be back in the shops on Boxing Day.
As for anyone working in retail, mania reaches a fever pitch looking after everyone else (customers) only to know you get a few hours off to start again Boxing Day.
A special note for many of you. If you are single or can’t get to see your loved ones. Yes, this time of year can be grim. And nothing anyone else can say will make you change how you feel – that is up to you. Take some time to sit quietly with how you feel, enter your heart and allow yourself to expand energetically and let that fill you with warmth. Be grateful for what you have and concentrate on the good things, letting go of the other things. Write a letter to yourself of what abundance you have in your life. Get some movement and fresh air.

So some simple (and often obvious) reminders to look after yourself. I could have 100 or more but here a few that may help.

1. Look after you. If you are the linchpin that keeps everything together you need to make yourself a priority. Take a deep breath and ensure your needs are met. Don’t miss out on breakfast…
2. Drink more water. Unless you have health reasons to limit your fluid intake, ensure you are drinking enough water. Often when we are rushing around we forget to drink and then take on some sugary thing that really doesn’t help to hydrate us. Air conditioning also removes water!
3. Remember to Breathe! Concentrate on the exhale – breathe out…. Often helped with the sound of grrr, arrrgg or similar bear like noise! (Avoid startling Grannie or the cat!).
4. Keep to a routine. Try to keep some things the same as normal – children and pets benefit from routines and little tummies will as well.
5. Balance alcohol intake with water. Yep, back to the water thing again! Xmas hols seems a time when its ok to start drinking at 10am (well Bucks Fizz…) however by 1pm you could be under the table! Match every drink of alcohol or caffeine with one of water – you will find your liver with love you for that.
6. Get some fresh air. You may not get the chance to exercise like you would do normally but get at least a short walk outdoors. Move around, shake up and wake up your body. Connect with the earth.
7. Take time out – step back. If things get too much, buttons pressed by family, children over excited, take some time out. Just try to go in another room, take a few deep breaths. Calm and centre yourself.
8. “Don’t sweat the small stuff” – if you don’t have, haven’t done, forgotten or whatever else is worrying you check in with “Does it really matter?” “What’s the worst things that can happen”. Put in perspective.
9. Be Thankful for what you have, and let go of the desire to have things you don’t have.
10. Happiness isn’t purchased – contentment and happiness come from many of the small things and not how much money you have spent. Spend less money and give some of your time to others.
And an extra one from me – have a great time.

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